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Trade in a confident way!

As there is a principle in the world, there are also in FX market.

Five bars of each 1 min are assembled to be a 5 min bar. 12 bars of 5 min are assembled to be a 1 hour bar.
You will not have difficulty to grasp the market if you change the way of understanding a bit because the market is made of time and price.
You will find change will have a lead in short time chart and trend is made in long time chart.
Because the long time bar is the an assembly of a number of short time bar, so you can find the tendency of ascending/descending in whole picture.

Therefore you must watch the change happening in 1 min chart with 5min chart trend, rather that you are afraid of small change of 1 min chart for short-term dealing, then your trade will be safer, that is principle.Do not think so serious please go trading easily and simply, understand it visually, your trade comes easy.

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